a growth investment

Cannabis investment is the future

Cannabis is moving from an emerging investment category to an essential investment category across the globe. Driven by a surge of cannabis production during the pandemic, industry entrepreneurs and smart investors are gearing up for even greater growth as legislation changes take effect across the world. Globally, the legal market is forecast to reach $80-100 billion by 2030.

SilverLeaf sits at the epicentre of cannabis and hemp investment in South Africa. We’re a high-impact venture fund that delivers returns by leveraging finance to transform the cannabis industry in South Africa. It’s an exciting industry − for returns, climate, ESG and planet impact.

R1bn +

Current investment in in the South African cannabis market.


Estimated global
cannabis market
worth by 2025.

Invest early into this ecosystem with us

$80-100 billion

global legal market forecast by 2030

30 countries

have recently legalised medicinal cannabis

Multiple benefits

for the economy, ESG and the planet

The value chain

We invest across all sectors of the cannabis value chain


◦ Seeds, Breeding & Cloning
◦ Outdoor, Greenhouse &
◦ Indoor Growing
◦ Hemp for Industrial

Processing & Manufacturing

◦ Extraction & Processing
◦ Contract Manufacturing
◦ Finished Products & Brands


◦ Wholesaling
◦ Warehousing
◦ Transport


Go to market via:
◦ Retail stores
◦ Clubs & Consumption Lounges
◦ Dispensaries / Pharmacies

Ancillary Services

◦ Testing
◦ Compliance – Track & Trace
◦ Research & Development
◦ Education
◦ Communication & Media
◦ Brokering
◦ Security
◦ Software & Data

A transformative plant

We exist to unlock its power

Rewriting the narrative

of what you’ve been told about cannabis and its potential

Shifting attitudes and behaviours

towards a mainstream industry

Mobilising natural resources

in the South African industry and on the global stage

Transforming societies

through involvement in the industry

Creating economic benefit

through job creation, skills development and tax base contribution


Are you a cannabis business looking for funding?

We're always on the lookout for new and exciting investment opportunities.

Administered by Grovest

Grovest is the largest administrator of small cap funds in South Africa, with assets under administration of R3,5 billion. Initially setup as a Section 12J VCC, SilverLeaf Investments is the first cannabis fund in South Africa.