Commercial Cannabis and Hemp industry

Investment Ethos

Our focus

We're focused on South Africa's rapidly growing commercial cannabis and hemp industry.

We’re uniquely positioned in our whole-of-industry  perspective.

To realise the greatest value from this asset class, we believe that, as a fund, we need to take a broad and deep perspective of the entire cannabis and hemp ecosystem and value chains. Too often investments focus only on the producer, which we feel is too risky.


Our strategy

Make your capital work where it matters most

Our long term strategy is to create an investment portfolio across the entire value chain, where acquired companies can collaborate and benefit from the emerging synergies.

We aim to ensure that our portfolio of investments works collaboratively to exploit the advantages of being part of Silverleaf Investments. At the same time, diversified investments across the value chain lowers investment risk, and gives investors the full benefits of participation across the value chain.

We’re looking to incubate those at seed stage as well as to accelerate those at scale up stage. While our first investment was in cultivation, our unique and broad fund perspective allows us to identify investments in processing and manufacturing facilities, which typically have high barriers to entry.

We also focus on investment potential at the retail and consumer level with newly established retail brands and channels to market.

We’ve also identified the significant need for training and education in the industry. Training growers and processors will ensure a viable and globally competitive industry in Southern Africa, as will upskilling medical professionals and dispensing pharmacists.

Currently, cannabis and hemp are partially legal in South Africa. While cannabis use for adult recreational use is still illegal, legislation is understood to be changing soon. SilverLeaf Investments only invests in businesses that adhere strictly to the prevailing legislation.

Our process

The Value Chain


Outdoor, greenhouse and indoor for hemp, medical cannabis and adult use


Cannabinoid levels, heavy metals and pesticides


Extraction, hemp processing and finished products such as edibles, oils, % tinctures, beverages, health & beauty products


Solvents, wholesale, retail stores, clubs and smoke lounges, dispensaries and pharmacies


Research and development, education, communication and media, brokering, transport, software and data


Are you a cannabis business looking for funding?

We're always on the lookout for new and exciting investment opportunities.

Administered by Grovest

Grovest is the largest administrator of small cap funds in South Africa, with assets under administration of R3,5 billion. Initially setup as a Section 12J VCC, SilverLeaf Investments is the first cannabis fund in South Africa.