Cannabis Investment Energy on the Up: Silverleaf Investments Launches Cannabis Crowd Funding Platform, GoGetta

Article published on 8 June 2023
Cannabiz Africa:

By: Brett Hilton-Barber

Silverleaf Investments has launched a cannabis crowd-funding platform, GoGetta which plays a dual role: sourcing capital for cannabis start-ups and giving the person-in-the-street a chance to invest in the cannabis industry without having to fork out tons of cash.


Silverleaf is currently invested in Druid’s Garden and Eco Analytics and has established an accelerator programme for cannabis entrepreneurs. GoGetta will be the funding pipeline, enabling the public to get a direct stake in start-ups.

Silverleaf CEO Darryl Weisz says “Cannabis is moving from an emerging investment category to an essential investment category across the globe. Driven by a surge of cannabis production during the pandemic, industry entrepreneurs and smart investors are gearing up for even greater growth as legislation changes take effect across the world. Globally, the legal market is forecast to reach $80-100 billion by 2030.”

He says SilverLeaf sits at the epicentre of cannabis and hemp investment in South Africa.

“We’re a high-impact venture fund that delivers returns by leveraging finance to transform the cannabis industry in South Africa. It’s an exciting industry − for returns, climate, ESG and planet impact.”

Weisz says SilverLeaf  is open to funding emerging small businesses across the entire cannabis value chain.

“We accomplish this through crowd-sourced funding, lending platforms, and private equity investments in order to provide new businesses with the capital they need to grow their endeavours, while providing investors the opportunity profit from their chosen business’s success”.

He says Over 3 000 new small investors have entered the South African cannabis industry in the past  few months through Silverleaf Investment’s JV with Easy Equities. Silverleaf closed its IPO on 31 October 2022, having raised just over R4,2 million to fund cannabis investments.

The interest in cannabis by the younger generation stands in stark contrast to the investment establishment, and has been facilitated by the Easy Equities mobile app technology which allows people to make small investments easily.