The Silverleaf Business Accelerator

Article published on 14 June 2023
Fields of Green For ALL Blog:

By: Jo

The developing Cannabis Sector in South Africa has seen a rising need for sustained support for entrepreneurs, both existing and emerging. SilverLeaf Investments has recognised this need.

As a Cannabis investment company, SilverLeaf has developed a High Impact Business Accelerator designed to identify, attract, and build a continuous pipeline in which to invest in the Cannabis Sector. SilverLeaf’s High Impact Business Accelerator directly targets Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) emerging and leading across the entire South African Cannabis value chain. The SilverLeaf Business Accelerator programme is designed to match the realities of the local Cannabis entrepreneurial ecosystem through meeting SMEs where they are at and cultivating sustainable growth through their facilitated programme.

The Programme

The three-month facilitated programme includes a variety of focused components, curated to help optimise Cannabis SMEs. The components offered include professional services across legal, accounting, business consulting, and marketing as well as ongoing business plan and business model review. Successful applicants can also rely on ongoing mentorship and management support. 

Weekly specialised training sessions will take place with Cheeba Africa Cannabis Academy.  

The programme is ideal for registered companies that have been operational for over 6 months; hold a valuation of ZAR2.5 mil; are legally compliant and hold the relevant certifications; are run by their founders, and operate with the SilverLeaf Investments targeted areas – including businesses aligned with the Cannabis Sector. Companies across the Cannabis value chain are welcome to apply. 

If you would like to learn more about the full programme and its offerings, you can read the brochure HERE.

You can apply to the SilverLeaf Business Accelerator three-month facilitated programme HERE.

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